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Who We Are

Electrical 3D Construct LLC in Chicago, Illinois, is your source of experienced electrical 3D detailing and drafting services.  From light fixtures to shop drawings, we ensure our models and documents reflect every aspect of your project.  Even though that our drafters are not field electrician’s, we understand the language of construction and we communicate with your field electrician personal.

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Detailed 3D Models For Electrical Content

Your project deserves 3D models that reflect every aspect of your client’s needs.  Choose Electrical 3D Construct in Chicago, Illinois, to work with experienced drafters that care about your undertaking.  Our team creates models that include every detail, from lighting fixture shapes and layouts to conduit racks and equipment throughout your floor plan and electrical closets.

Streamlined Process

Receiving your 3D models is easy – simply reach out to a specialist today for consultation about your needs.  We’ll discuss the type of work you’re doing and decide on the type of model to generate.  Then, we schedule a meeting time and discuss your coordinator.  Together we review construction documents and obtain redlines from supervisor.  All of this information goes into the electrical model.

Simple Modeling

Using Autodesk™ products such as  Autocad MEP™ and Navisworks Manage™, our drafters create 3D models according to your instructions.  Our team typically delivers models via Dropbox™, Google Drive Stream™ or any other method preferred by client.

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Electrical Drafting Modifications

When your existing model needs an update, let our electrical drafting team help you upgrade.  Electrical 3D Construct in Chicago, Illinois, modifies original engineering drawings to reflect new or removed content from your project.

Easy Updates

Over the course of your project, your team may find itself removing or altering certain aspects of an electrical system.  Electrical 3D Construct modifies original drawings and generates new 3D models to match your altered system.  Then, we submit the new model to your client, along with a shop drawing.

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Dependable Project Coordination

When it comes to project coordination, Electrical 3D Construct is ready to handle every aspect of your undertaking.  Our team works with all of your conflicting designs to discover the best fit that works for every party involved.

Complete Conflict Resolution

In many projects, conflicts typically arise between the electrical, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection models.  If your desired system conflicts with pre-existing systems, we help you explore your options and make the right choice for your needs.

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